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Departmental laboratory for animal health analyzes
Departmental laboratory for animal health analyzes
Departmental laboratory for animal health analyzes
Departmental laboratory for animal health analyzes

Agrivalys 71
An animal health analysis laboratory

Agrivalys 71 is a Burgundy departmental analysis laboratory specialising in the health of ruminants, pigs and poultry.

Monitoring, researching, improving

Animal health

Agrivalys 71 provides support to livestock farmers, exporters and vets as well as public and private institutions in detecting pathologies in livestock animals. Our departmental analysis laboratory runs tests for animal health prophylaxis campaigns.

These checks, regulated by the French Ministry for Agriculture, are mainly carried out in winter on cattle. Serial tests are also performed when animals are traded (brought into or exported from France) throughout the year.

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Agrivalys 71

Our team provides diagnostic support for livestock farmers and vets should disease be suspected at a breeder’s. The laboratory takes in samples sent by prescribers and tests them for infectious agents.

Testing for animal pathologies in our laboratory

Our laboratory tests animal samples as part of mandatory controls or if a pathology is suspected in ruminants, pigs and poultry.

Tests for ruminants

The tests are carried out on cattle, sheep and goat herds to detect viruses, bacteria and parasites potentially responsible for pathologies.

Tests for pigs

Agrivalys 71 carries out tests on pigs when animals are being traded or when symptoms appear on a livestock farm.

Tests for poultry

Tests are carried out to diagnose avian diseases during mandatory checks or if a pathology is suspected.


Animal health : your needs

We meet the needs of :

Livestock farmers

Our laboratory supports livestock farmers in monitoring their herds in the event of mandatory or voluntary checks.

We provide livestock farmers with advice in testing and monitoring ruminants, pigs and poultry.


Our team provides support for vets in diagnosing animal pathologies through blood tests, parasitic checks and necropsies for all or part of the livestock farms for which they are the prescribers.
We pass on recommendations for taking samples, inform them about possible tests on a case-to-case basis and answer any questions they may have regarding the tests.


Our laboratory works with departmental and regional agricultural authorities on testing for regulated pathologies.

We are under an obligation to report positive test results for regulated pathogens for epidemiological monitoring.

The process How we work

For each test request the laboratory receives, the process is as follows :

We take delivery
of the samples
We carry out
The results are sent to the customer, the prescriber and/or institutions for regulated diseases
Interpretation of results is not part of the laboratory's mission.

ELISA : Detecting antibodies or antigens from samples of animal origin.

PCR : Amplification of DNA polymerase (of a specific region of a nucleic acid) for detection and analysis.

Other methods : Necropsy, parasitic check-up, bacteriology.