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  • Cofrac - Comité français d'Accréditation Accreditation No. 1-6486
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Multiple laboratory pipetting
Multiple laboratory pipetting
Multiple laboratory pipetting
Multiple laboratory pipetting

Contact Agrivalys71

You can contact our animal and plant health analysis laboratory in Mâcon, France : our staff are available to listen to all your requests.

Adresse 18, Rue de Flacé, Espace Duhesme, 71000 Mâcon, France
Email contact@agrivalys71.fr
Opening hours 8 am-Noon / 1:30-5 pm
(4:30 pm on Fridays) These opening hours may change during particularly busy periods.
Contact us

Contact Agrivalys71 laboratory in Saône-et-Loire

Find all the various people you need to speak to depending on your needs or requests :

  • Director : Nathalie Pozzi
  • Technical Manager : Erika Ornelas-Eusebio
  • Quality Control Manager : Amandine Mutin
  • Administration Manager : Béatrice Denis / Valérie Halter
  • Head of Customer Relations and Coordination : Marion Bossavit
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Frequently asked questions about the laboratory

Agrivalys71 carries out plant and animal health tests. You can see the various tests we run by consulting our catalogues :
There are several ways :
  • You can bring your samples directly to our laboratory together with a test request.
  • You can send them to us by post or courier, making sure to follow packaging instructions explained in this document Veterinary information, accompanied by a test request.
Laboratory address :
SEML AGRIVALYS 71, 18, Rue de Flacé, Espace Duhesme, 71000 Mâcon, France
Opening hours for the public :
8 am-Noon / 1:30-5 pm (4:30 pm on Fridays)

NB : Given the high biological risks for abortion samples, please contact your veterinary practice regarding how to send these in special packaging.
We suggest you contact your vet who will be able to offer you the best advice. For information purposes, you can consult the animal pathology sheets in the corresponding sections : ruminants, pigs and poultry on our website.
It is quite possible for us to carry out tests not included in the catalogue depending on our expertise in the requested method of analysis and the volume of samples.
If, however, we are unable to meet your request, we will contact a competent laboratory to whom we can outsource your test.
We suggest you get in touch with us so we can guide you through this process.
Storing test reports is regulated. The legal storage period is :
  • 5 years for animal health
  • 10 years for plant health
COFRAC is the French accreditation committee. It is the only recognised national body for accreditation. It is responsible for granting accreditation to (among others) test laboratories like Agrivalys71, using the NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, in order to provide proof of their competence in terms of how they operate and their ability to produce reliable results. As COFRAC has signed recognition agreements at a European and a global level, our accreditation is recognised internationally.
You will find the scope of our accreditation detailed on the website www.cofrac.fr/en.
The prices are reviewed each year and approved by the laboratory’s Board of Directors.
Invoices are sent out at the end of each month, unless otherwise agreed.
You should get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can work out a solution together.
Your personal data is secure and strictly confidential. It is processed within the laboratory and used for legitimate ends, in accordance with French and European regulations.
To find out more, we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy.
Urgent results are returned the same day.
Some specialised tests require longer to complete (average time : 1 week).
For bulk tests, we will let you know if the delay will be longer than this.
For blood samples, use dry tubes (red top) except for OCF PCR tests. For these you should use EDTA tubes (lavender top).
Test results are strictly confidential. They are protected by professional secrecy which applies to all laboratory personnel.
The results may only be sent to the person requesting the tests or the owner of the farm. A copy of the results is also sent to the prescriber.
With regards to regulatory tests, the laboratory is required to inform official authorities of any non-negative result.
If the tests you wish us to carry out are :
  • Official (mandatory) tests : we have to be certified by the Ministry of Agriculture to carry them out. You will find a list of laboratories that are certified and for what official tests here: https://agriculture.gouv.fr/laboratoires-agrees-et-methodes-officielles-en-sante-animale
    All approved laboratories must seek NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard accreditation from COFRAC within 18 months of notification of approval. Accreditation will not be awarded otherwise.
  • “Unofficial” tests : there is no need for certification or accreditation to carry these out. This section covers tests such as those performed as a diagnostic aid, and we ensure exactly the same quality for them.
Yes, we can send your test reports and/or invoices to you by email. If you would prefer this, please make sure you include your email address together with your request to the laboratory’s contact address.
If you don't specify, we will arrange for your test results and invoice to be sent by email by default.
  • By bank transfer : Please use the bank details as they appear on your invoice