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Agrivalys71 laboratory reception
Agrivalys71 laboratory reception
Agrivalys71 laboratory reception
Agrivalys71 laboratory reception

Our services

Within our laboratory, our customer and transport / logistics services play an important role in the processing of your tests.

Welcoming, listening & advising

Customer services

Diagnosis assistance :

The gateway for external requests, this service plays a key role in listening to and supporting the laboratory’s partners and customers every day :

  • Providing information on the samples to be taken
  • Storing and delivering the samples
  • Providing additional information about test results etc.
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Logistics assistance :

Providing equipment for samples :

Agrivalys 71 handles the preparation and dispatch of packages such as samples for other laboratories and equipment for samples.

Collecting samples :

During prophylaxis campaigns, the laboratory organises regular sample collections from all veterinary practices in Burgundy region, France.

Aside from prophylaxis campaigns, specific sample collection rounds are organised throughout Burgundy region, on request.

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dots Collection and transport service
dots Sampling security
Agrivalys vehicles, transport and logistics service Criteria for accepting samples are set out in sample technical sheets and can be found on our website. Should these criteria not be met, the samples will be refused or the results will be issued with reservations.